Analysis: An insight into reasons for Jose Mourhino’s recent melt-down at the Manchester United camp

As Jose Mourhino gears up for his third season with the Red Devils, it looks like the Portuguese manager is on-route to a possible melt down. There have been opinions under discussion that Mourhino’s mood swings may bring the house down; with the dark clouds he is casting over the team. I beg to differ, and I will explain my reasons for this.

Old Trafford needs a man like Jose Mourhino who is disciplined, stern and cold. We all witnessed what damage a confused personality like David Wrong Moyes was capable of. He brought himself down and the house with him. Understandably, the temperamental ‘Special One’ is cross about a number of things not going his way, as reported by DailyMail.

To be fair, United’s recent battering in the US includes actions beyond Mourhino’s control, but being Manager he’s voicing his concerns, if that response to failure is making people uncomfortable, tough luck!

Let’s look at Saturday’s match where Liverpool thrashed United with a 3-0 victory. Antonio Valencia and Chris Smalling were out due to injury, followed by seven main players including Paul Pogba, Romelu Lukaku, Marouane Fellaini, Phil Jones, Ashley Young, Jesse Lingard and Marcus Rashford who have been on leave since the World Cup ended.

To add more to Mourhino’s frustration, Ed Woodward has been unable to bag the Portuguese manager’s desired signings this season, as mentioned by the Express.

Playing with only 30 percent of his first team squad, the Red Devil’s manager indicated his annoyance over Anthony Martial’s reason for leave. Martial left the squad to be with his family for the birth of his second child. That may have pushed an already steamed Mourhino over the edge. Mourhino has started to express his unhappiness and criticism on the team’s recent poor performances publicly. We ought to give him that much.

With all this going on, we already know Paul Pogba and Anthony Martial’s fragile situation at the camp, as reported by the Sun. Both the stars have been linked with a move away from Old Trafford due to less game time, which is basically due to falling out with Mourhino. We should remember that Mourhino’s job is to ensure success at the camp, not make everyone happy (although that would probably make things easier). So a disgruntled manager giving excellent results is better than a sugar coated wannabe.

Hopefully the whole fiasco will not end up similarly to what happened with Mourhino at Chelsea a few years ago, when his friction with boss Roman Abramovich started during his third stint with the Blues. We all know how (not) well that went.

Some of the notable quotes from Mourhino’s press conference after Manchester United were walked over by Liverpool were:

“We are playing just to try to survive and not have some ugly results. Alexis is the only attacking player that we have.

“We don’t have wingers, we don’t have strikers. He is the only one who is here and the poor man is trying his best with the frustration of somebody who wants more.

“This is not our team, this is not our squad – not even 30 per cent of it.

“We start the game with almost half the players who are not even going to belong to our squad on August 9 (transfer deadline day).

“So what did this game give me? Nothing. Nothing at all.”

I think it would be fair enough to mention that the recent finish of Manchester United in the Premier League table was actually the highest since Sir Alex Ferguson. So it might be a bumpy ride, but, Mourhino seems to know where he’s going. I hope cool heads prevail in the Old Trafford camp, which they should, and with a few of Mourhino’s fancied signings, the wrong kind of in-camp fireworks may be put on hold.

Image: Getty and DailyMail

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