De javu: New boss Lopetegui hands Bale a second life line to become Real Madrid’s talisman

It looks like Zinedine Zidane’s shocking exit from the Bernabeu has created a second opportunity for injury prone Gareth Bale to start over. Before Zidane’s exit, there were all sorts of rumors hitting social media and leading sports feeds predicting Bale’s time at Real Madrid could be up. Back then, the news made sense too, since Bale had not come even close to the bar he was expected to achieve.


After failing to sign Neymar in 2013, the Los Blancos fans were at the top of the moon when Bale’s signing came through. Sadly Bale never bailed them out. Being considered for Ballon d’Or was one thing, Bale found it hard to keep his feet on the ground without getting injured.

The 29-year-old Wales international has been injured 25 times since joining the Spanish giants in a mammoth €100 m transfer move from the Spurs. Naturally, knowing Zidane and his draconian decorum, Bale’s game time was restricted, from the time he was fit to play. The falling out between the two and the injuries gave way to speculations of the Welshman heading for the door.

Lopetegui to the rescue

It seems like the tables have turned all the way for Gareth Bale. New Boss Julen Lopetegui has expressed his abolute faith in the Cardiff born talent, which hints Bale has in fact gotten himself clean chit to start a brand new chapter at the Bernabeu, as reported by the Mirror.

Speaking on Bale, Lopetegui said: “He’s very, very happy. He’s very happy to play at Real Madrid,”

“He’s happy to be here, this is a fantastic opportunity for him to show his talent

“I’ve talked to him like I’ve talked to everyone. He’s with the team, he’s happy, he’s in line with our goals and it’s a start of a new exciting path for us that I’m looking forward to.”

“And when it comes to our players, Bale and everyone else, we are completely convinced we have the players to move forward.

“Bale is a magnificent player with qualities and we are convinced he and everyone else can fill the void.” (in connection with Cristiano Ronaldo’ exit)

It looks like new boss may be too happy with Bale, or, it could be a way to boost in fresh confidence. Either way, it’s a wise move to make considering Bale’s top-notch stats and the hefty price tag he carries. There is no doubt Gareth Bale could work his way towards becoming Real’s true talisman, and fill in the huge gorge that Cristiano Ronaldo left after his mega bucks move to Juventus.

I personally believe Bale will have a maximum of one season to prove he’s all that he was once believed to be. One wrong move and the critics will be ready to fire again.

Julen Lopetegui has ventilated some fresh air for Bale to breathe in, despite being aware of the reasons that got him to this isolation point. So regardless of the ‘Ronaldo’ pressure of filling in his boots, Bale has to remember that the clock is ticking, and he may only have another 2-3 years left of his prime. There cannot be a better time for him to shine the brightest, than now.

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